Monday, November 20, 2006

Herman's Surprise 80th Birthday Party...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Thanks Don....

Thanks for sending the picture of your Dad and the truck. It is GREAT to get a hold of pictures that I have never seen before.

thanks Don for sending this picture of your dad! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 23, 2005

Herman and Johnny Posted by Picasa

The In-Laws Seated: Carolyn (Johnny), Annette (Herman) Standing: Jack (Anne) and Jean (Harry) Posted by Picasa

Anne, Harry, Johnny, Eleanor and Herman Posted by Picasa

Anne and Johnny Posted by Picasa

Aunt Eleanor and Bree Posted by Picasa

Aunt Eleanor's girls: Donna, Aunt Eleanor, Joan and Bree (Judy) Posted by Picasa

Bennie and Gay's Family...I need help with names! Posted by Picasa

I was playing around with this one...trying to make the color looked all washed out in color......Herman's Family seated: Abbey, Ben, Herman, Annette, Kayla; standing: Zackary, JoAnne, Rhonda and Donna Posted by Picasa

Aunt Anne's family.....seated: Amy, Kathy, Anne, Seletta...standing: Sam, Andrew and Jack Posted by Picasa

Gene's family Posted by Picasa

Cynthia and Linda Posted by Picasa

Jean and Harry Posted by Picasa

This is Kathy's Andrew in the yellow shirt...but don't know who the little one is. Posted by Picasa

I know my Abbey is in the pink shirt...but unsure of everyone else.... Posted by Picasa

Carl and Dessie's........... Posted by Picasa

Connie Posted by Picasa

Bennie...Joan and Donna Conover Posted by Picasa

Harry and Eleanor Posted by Picasa

Abbey Gehman Posted by Picasa

Linda Hassebrock Farrow (Daughter of Arthur)....and her daughter Cynthia Posted by Picasa

Bennie and Jack.....frying the fish! Posted by Picasa

Fish Taste Testers..... Posted by Picasa